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AltUpdater Member Resources

Tired of Updates Tied to "Premium Support" ?
Support You Never Use ?

You are NOT alone!

Of the estimated 12.5 Million eCommerce WordPress sites in the USA alone, the following story has become all too common.

  • Install a "free" plugin or "paid plugin" from one of the eCommerce providers.
  • Decide which extra plugins "you need" vs. which plugins "you can afford".
  • Launch with something "different than you wanted".
  • When you start to have issues (likely because you "scaled back"), you contact "Support".
  • Then, one can often wait days or even weeks for a reply.
  • And, you can often get replies like:
    • "... it works fine for us. Must be a compatibility thing... (you're screwed)"
    • "... we will forward all this to the dev's, and you can wait for a long time... (you're screwed)"
    • "... we don't understand what you are doing, so we really can't help... (you're screwed)"
    • "... for an extra fee of $xxx.00, we can make something... (you're screwed)"
  • So you go out to Search and find a solution yourself.
  • When "renewal time" rolls around, you "pay for the above Premium Support" to keep getting updates!... (you're screwed)

Are YOU hooked into the story?

"... because we need to cover Support, Development, and Updates costs... and well, costs are just so high, and..."

Sound Familiar?

Maybe even a bit too familiar?

So "this year" you likely:

  • Let things go too long without updates so your site breaks, or gets hacked... (you're screwed)
  • Play the "download/upload" game with alternate suppliers, hoping there are no added code goodies... (you're screwed)
  • Spend hours and hours messing with "workarounds" to avoid more fees... (you're screwed)
  • Start spending more time and money on your site problems instead of your business... (you're screwed)